Title and Abstract

A student wanted to find out if the rate of coagulation will decrease with varying amounts of sodium citrate added.
We have set up an experiment to find out the effect of sodium citrate with sodium alginate balls aka. ‘fake blood’. We had set up three experiments labeled 0%, which is the control setup with no sodium citrate added. One labeled 1% which contains 2.4 grams of sodium citrate and another set up labeled 1.5 percent which contains 3.6 grams of sodium citrate. All of the set ups contain 1.3 grams of calcium chloride. It seems that the sodium alginate balls coagulate in the 0% solution, and 1% solution though the balls are softer and burst more easily. The solution did not coagulate in the 1.5% solution. We did this experiment to possibly help us in the future.

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